Maro Line To Tabiyat Fine - Gujarati Comedy Natak

Watch Maro Line To Tabiyat Fine  Gujarati Comedy Natak. Director - Rajesh Qureshi, Writer - Rajesh Qureshi. Featuring - Dhyay Rawal, Kalyani Thakkar, Kirti Da, Kukul Tarmaster, Rajesh Qureshi, Roshan Khan.
Synopsis: Waghchi Tattar, secretary to the Chief Minister is married to Deepa who is fed up of his flirtatious behavior. Tattar has an eye on their attractive domestic help Rosy. To add to the trouble is their neighbor Bhogilal who is a bi-sexual. Rosy is continuously forced by Tattar to share an intimate relationship however, every time she succeeds in escaping from his demands. Deepa accuses Tattar of having an affair, which he rubbishes it off and denies it. Will Tattar ever learn a lesson for cheating on his wife?

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