Mara Var ni Vahu Kon - Gujarati Comedy Natak - Mehul Buch & Sameer Rajda

Watch Gujarati Natak - Mehul Buch & Sameer Rajda - Mara Varni Vahu Kon Part - 1.A hilarious comedy, which will send you in peals of laughter. Director By - Vinay A.Laad, Starring : Mehul Buch, Sameer Rajda, Preeti Jain, Mallika, Shweta Jethwa, Pinki Jain, Astha, Mihir Rajda, Dushyant, Rajesh, Dilshah, Chotu Dada, Arvind Vaidhya. A life-changing situation occurs in Rameshs life changes when the Khalifa of Baghdad gifts him 10 percent of his wealth, to show his gratitude for saving his life on the battlefield. Even before Ramesh can enjoy it, a series of problems, befall on Ramesh.

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