Khadkhadat - Mahesh Vaidya - Part - 1 Gujarati Comedy Jokes

watch hilarious Gujarati Comedy Jokes of Mahesh Vaidya and enjoy.

Title : Khadkhadat
Banner : Om Series
Producer : Suresh Thakker
Ex -- Producer : K.D.Thakker
Salim Dosani
Director : Abhilash Ghoda
Artist : Mahesh Vaid, Bholaram, Vasant Paresh, Bharat Upadyay

Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd - Gujarati Movie - OFFICIAL THEATRICAL TRAILER

What happens when a rich, dysfunctional family, that is very much caught up in their Mumbai lifestyle, is forced to go live the village-life?

That's exactly what happens when Uttam Mehta is almost shot at gunpoint. Fearing that their lives are in danger, the Mehta family is off to hide out at in a location that can't even be located on Google Maps - called Antillapur.

Just then, things get even weirder. Little does Uttam and the family know, that this village is unlike any other functions off a Barter System!

The Mehtas are in for a ride when they seem to be a stuck in a place where their money now literally means nothing! From being on a hit list to battling the eccentric village villain - Pinky bhai - the Mehta's are on an adventure of a lifetime!

Bhatigal Dayro Part 2 - Bhikhudan Gadhavi

Watch Gujarati - Dayro - Jeevan Na Rang - Part 2 - Bhikhudan Gadhavi - Humor Show - Part 2. Bhikhudan Gadhavi revives the traditional practice of 'Dayro' in which folk artists and story-tellers enthrall their audience whole night with their songs and 

Gujarati Rap Song -- Ubho Tha

BHABHI - Gujarati Movie Full

bhabhi is very good gujarati movie.

Gujarati Movie : Bhabhi (1976)
Producer : Appa Kadam
Director : D.Himat 
Music : Avinash Vyas
Lyricst : Avinash Vyas , Prabhulal Trivedi
Singer : Rajul Mehta, Pranlal Vyas, Rajul Mehta 
Star Cast : Nazir Hussain, Sadhana Khote, Arvind Kirad, Rajnibala, Shobha Pradhan, Kalpana Deewan, Ghanshyam Naik, Arvind Joshi, Dinu Trivedi,

Bhatigal Dayro 1 - Bhikhudan Gadhvi

Watch Bhatigal dayro Part 1 - Dayro - Bhikhudan Gadhavi. Bhikhudan Gadhavi is a veteran Gujarati folktale artist with an unmatchable knowledge of folk music and folklore. Here you can enjoy some of his best humoristic talk.

Gujarati Bhajan - Sacha Satsangma Re - Dhun Machavo - Devotional Songs

Watch Gujarati Song Sacha Satsangma Re from the Music Album Dhun Machavo Music by Shailesh Thakur Singers: Hemant Chauhan Vendor: Ekta Sound.

Ne Bachu Bachi Gayo - Gujarati Natak Staring Tiku Talsaniya

Bachu Sampat played by Tiku Talsania is a conman who survives his family ,wife Nandita and daughter Pooja by fooling others. Once on Poojas Birthday as he was not able to make it on time. She Wishes that her father should only Speak Truth. Her wish comes true the same moment and all utterance by Bachu are truthful. Due to this thing around him goes Topsy-turvy. So be ready to watch this Comedy with Bachu.

Double Savari - Gujarati Comedy Natak

At times it becomes very difficult for an average person to handle a wife. But our protagonist has two. He has got the knack of handling both of them perfectly. See how he manages to do it with total perfection. Watch this hilarious play to know more.

Baba Ramdev - Gujarati Full Movie

Watch Baba Ramdev Gugarati Movie - Starcast Gajendra Chavan|Nillu|Shree pardha|Ramesh Tiwari |Shrikanth Soni| Asha Singh|Rajesh Puri|Rajni Bala|Chaya Pandya

Dikri No Mandvo - Gujarati Movie Full

watch super hit gujarati movie - Dikri No Mandvo

Gujarati Movie : Dikri No Mandavo
Producer : Savjibhai Satani
Director : Arvind Barot
Music : Arvind Barot
Lyrics : Arvind Barot 
Singer : Arvind Barot, Sadhana Sargam, dipali Somaiya, Mukta Dave
: Hansa Gohil
Star Cast : Arvind Barot, Mona Thiba, Arun Rajguru, Hetal Panchal,
: Jayshree Parikh, Samir Rajda, chandrakant Pandya, mitresh Varma

Gam Ma Piyariyu Ne Gam Ma Sasariyu - Full Movie

Super Hit Gujarati movie Gam Ma Piyariyu Ne Gam Ma Sasariyu starring Nandini, Sameer Rajda, Roma Manik, Hiten Kumar. Producer/Director: Govindbhai Patel

Kakani Kamani Padosan Ma Samani - Gujarati Natak
Kakani Kamani Padosan Ma Samani is a tale of about the affair that happens between two neighbours. An old man likes his young neighbour and gives her whatever he earns. His wife also gets angry at him because of this. See how the comedy unfolds.

Parnine Pachtaya - Comedy Gujarati Stage Play

An architect and his wife spend their weekdays in their apartment and weekends on their beach house at Madh Island near Mumbai. This arrangement works well for a youngster Avinash who uses the architect's shack during the weekdays and their apartments on the weekends for his personal interests. One weekend Avinash invites his girlfriend to the flat not knowing that the architect's wife, The girl's father and her nosy boss are also on their way there. How will Avinash manage to handle the situation?

Chup Raho Khush Raho - Total Family Drama

Chup Raho Khush Raho - Total Family Drama

Dhirubhai Sarvaiya - Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu - Part 1

Watch Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu - Dhirubhai Sarvaiya - Gujarati Comedy Stage Show. A unique and highly entertaining, exclusive album of Dhirubhai Sarvaiya, it is collection of jokes about marriage

Jaan-E-Jigar Jaaneman Gujarati Version - Aashiqui - Jyotsna Hardikar & Abhijeet

Jaan-E-Jigar Jaaneman Gujarati Version) Aashiqui - Jyotsna Hardikar & Abhijeet

Sona No Gadhulo From - Gujubhai & JKeyz | Gujarati Rap Lyrics Video (Gujjubhai) - Navratri 2013 |

Navratri 2013 | GOLD - Gujubhai & JKeyz | Gujarati Rap Lyrics Video (Gujjubhai)

Sakhna Rahe to Sasu Nahi - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Sakna Rehto Sasu Naho - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

The Good Road - Full Movie - Gujarati Oscar Nominated Movie

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Gujarati film 'The Good Road' to represent India at the Oscars

THE GOOD ROAD (Gujarati) Promo - National Award Winner 2013, Best Feature Film
Visit Official Website:

THE GOOD ROAD, National Award Winner 2013- Best Feature Film - Gujarati, featuring Sonali Kulkarni, Ajay Gehi, Keval Katrodia, Shamji Dhana Kerasia, Priyank Upadhyay, Poonam Kesar Singh. Directed by Gyan Correa. Releasing on 19th July, 2013. Produced by NFDC LTD.

Pappu is a truck driver. Supporting his parents and extended family is beyond his means. Now, he has been presented a plan. An accident will be staged. Pappu will "die". Insurance payments are substantial. David and Kiran, a middle class urban couple, with their son Aditya, are on a holiday. Aditya will be accidentally separated from them during a brief halt at a Dhaba. And his loss will only be discovered several hours, and several hundred kilometers later. They must double back to find him. Poonam is an 11-year old-year-old child from the city. She is looking for her grandmother, living in a town at the end of this highway. Tired and hungry, Poonam unwisely stops at the Topaz, what seems to be a small garment dying unit. Aditya will be found by a local dhaba owner, and put onto Pappu's truck. Has Aditya found a new and unlikely home on this truck? Later, when it is too late, Poonam will discover that the Topaz is not quite the place for her. She will be confronted, forcefully, with the very same choices she is running away from. Which way will this young girl turn? And Pappu, looking for answers to balance his need with those of this little boy, will find a new strength and conviction within.

Director: Gyan Correa
Story/ Script/ Screenplay Writer: Gyan Correa
Director of Photography: Amitabha Singh
Music Director: Rajat Dholakia
Sound Design: Resul Pookutty
Editing: Paresh Kamdar
Art Director: Mrinal Das

Gujarati Bhajan- Lord Krishna - Radha nu naam tame - Bina Mehta

Lord Krishna Gujarati Bhajan Radha nu naam tame - Bina Mehta hindu hinduism sanatan dharma bhakti Gori mori whala mora

Jav Jalsa Karo - Sairam Dave Gujarati Jokes

Sai Ram - Gujarati Jokes

Kyare Jaishu Pattaya - Gujarati Movie by Arvind Vegda - First Teaser

Film: Kyare Jaishu Pattaya...? "Like us on Facebook Producer: Arvind Vegda Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by Dhruvall Sodagar Associate Producer: Mr. Ashok Patel - Shree Hari Immigration & travels pvt. ltd. & Mr. Anil Patel - Madhavhari infra-devloper pvt. ltd. Cast: Arvind Vegda, Sohan Master, Jigar Bundela,Pravin maheta, Kavya Sharma, Liladhar Vadhiya,Dilip Kumar, Niyati Music: Parth Bharat Thakkar Singer : Arvind Vegda, Dipti Sharma, Umesh Barot, Darshan Raval, Devanshi Shah Choreography : Krunal Production : Dhaval Pandya Associate Director: Dhaval Pandya Finance Manager : Maya Patel Costume Designer: Leeza Patel Assistant Director: Mrunal agrawal Story & Screen play : Dhruvall Sodagar Song Composer: Arvind Vegda, Parth Bharat Thakkar Lyrics: Arvind Vegda, Vinay Dave Social Media Marketing: Paras Shah Branding & Promotion manager : Parin Shah

CHORINA PHERA CHAR - Gujarati Movie Full

watch super hit gujarati movie - Chorina Phera Char Gujarati Movie : Chorina Phera Char Producer : Ramnik Shah, Virendra Bohra Director : Mudraj Rajda Music : Gaurang Vyas Lyrics : Keshav Rathod Singer : Usha Mangeshkar, Praful Dave Star Cast : Vikram Gokhale, Ranjana, Arvind Kirad, Manjari Desai, : Chandrakant Pandya, Narayan Rajgor etc.,

Teenagers Gang - Title Song - Gujarati Film

Teenagers Gang - Title Song - Gujarati Film

Sant Surdas - Gujarati Movie Full

watch very nice gujarati movie - Sant Surdas. Gujarati Movie : Sant Surdas (1975) Producer : Bharat Dave Director : Ravindra Dave Music : Avinash Vyas Lyrics : Avinash Vyas Singer : Mahendra Kapoor, Suman Kalyanpur, Priti Sagar, Aashit Desai, Asha Bhosle Star Cast : Snehlata, Rajiv, Aarti, Krishnakant and Ramesh Mehta

TAMARA SAM by Mehul Surti

Very Nice Gujarati Song - TAMARA SAM by Mehul Surti.

Funny Song - Tari Maa Ne Bajar nu Bandhaan By Ramesh Mehta

Funny Song - Tari Maa Ne Bajar nu Bandhaan By Ramesh Mehta Movie: Hothal Padamni Lyrics & Music: Avinash Vyas Story, Screen-play & Dialouges: Ramesh Mehta

Mannubhai Matric Fail - Gujarati Natak

Mannubhai may be a matric (high school) failure. But that doesnt stop him from dreaming to make it big. Lack of education has not stopped any one from making money and Mannubhai, takes advantage of his brother in laws position as the manager of an hotel to make money any which way he can. Even if he has to play the role of a graduate to succeed. A laugh a minute comedy about Money Mad Mannubhai.

Aav Taru Kari Nakhu - Gujarati Natak

Amar and Avni are a happily married couple. Avni is expecting her first child but Amar does not want the child and tells Avni to abort citing financial reason. Avni agrees with Amar and aborts the child she has already informed Amars parents about it. Now they want to visit Amar and Avni. How will Aamr and Avni hide the truth from them. What will be their reaction on hearing the news of the abortion. Watch this entertaining comedy. Category Indian Cinema Starring: Ashish Bhatt Surbhi Vyas Bimal Mangliya Jitu Kotak Pratima T Directed by: Bimal Mangliya Produced by: Dilip Somaiya

Bapa Tame Jalsa Karo - Gujarati Natak

A Story of how a Grandfather teacher his Modern Grandson the true meaning of love and relationships.

Ek Bhool Wonderful - Gujarati Natak

Aliraza plays the role of a male chauvinist who thinks that womanhood is a wonderful mistake. He keeps on nagging his wife sister and mother on this point. God decides to teach him a lesson and makes Aliraza experience all the problems and difficulties that women go through.

Chal Reverse Ma Jaiye - Gujarati Natak


Chal Reverse Ma Jaiye - Gujarati Natak

It is the 60th Anniversary of Manilal and his wife but they are not happy. Manilal feels that his mistakes of the past is the reason for his present he wishes to change them. By divine intervention he gets a chance to visit his past. Manilal grabs this opportunity but things dont go as planned and he manages to create even more trouble for himself.

Zero Ban Gaya Hero - Famous Gujarati Natak


Zero Ban Gaya Hero - Famous Gujarati Natak

Kevi Rite Jaish 2012 Gujarati Full movie - Part 2

Kevi Rite Jaish 2012 Gujarati Full movie - Part 2 Kevi Rite Jaish, Kevi Rite Jaish - Aa Safar Full Song, Kevi rite Jaish - Gujarati Urban Movie, Kevi Rite Jaish - Movie, kevi rite jaish gujarati full movie, Kevi Rite Jaish Songs

Kevi Rite Jaish 2012 Gujarati Full movie - Part 1

Kevi Rite Jaish 2012 Gujarati Full movie - Part 1 Urban Gujarati film Kevi Rite Jaish released across the globe. The film, which opened up new avenues for the Gujarati film ...

Gujarati Natak - Mast Majja Ni Life

Naramdass control of his business empire, ended the day he married Rajeshwari, on his first wifes death at childbirth. All that Naramdas wanted was that Rajeshwari be the mother to his newborn son. All that Rajeshwari wanted was Naramdas immense wealth and his business empire. The only hitch was Vijay, Naramdass son was the sole heir to the fortune. Rajeshwari manipulates Vijay to such an extent, that her word is his command. And Vijay does her bidding without hesitation. Fine. But when Vijay marries Radhika, a simple, but educated village girl, thing start to heat up. Radhika realizes that Rajeshwari true objective is Naramdas wealth. But can she change her husband Vijays mind about the danger he is facing? 

Hitopadesha Tales in Gujarati - The Wise Rat

The Wise Rat is truly a tale for all seasons! 

The Appu Series consists of beautifully illustrated and captivatingly narrated books which bring to life tales from the Hitopadesha. These ancient Sanskrit stories will help instruct young minds and present the philosophies of life in a simple and logical manner.

How to make dholka - Gujarati Recipe FULL HD Video

Dhokla - Gujarati Snack Recipe by Ruchi Bharani - Vegetarian 
1 cup Urad Dal or White Lentils
2 cups Rice
1/2 tsp Soda bi-carbonate
1 tsp Ginger Chilli paste
1 tbsp Methi dana or Fenugreek Seeds
1/2 Lemon
Ghee or Clarified butter 
Salt to taste

For Dhokla batter:
-Soak Urad Dal and Rice, separately, for 8 hrs.
-Grind the Urad Dal into a fine paste
-Grind the Rice into a coarse paste. 
-Mix the ground urad dal and rice paste together. Add Methi or fenugreek seeds and let it ferment for a good 8hrs.

For making Dhokla:
-Grease an 8-9inches thali or plate (as shown in the video)
-Take a big, slightly deep vessel, fill it with water, place a steel ring or stand in it. Cover with a lid or a plate and let the water come to a complete boil. You can also use a steamer if you have one.
-Take the fermented batter give it a stir and if you feel it is too thick you can add WARM water (do not use cold water) to get a nice pouring consistency.
-Add ginger chilli paste and salt to the batter and mix well.
-Since the batter is enough for two rounds, you an split the batter into two.
-Keep your thali or plate kept ready in the steamer.
-Add a few drops of lemon to the first batch and without stirring add 1/4 tsp of baking soda on the lemon juice. Give it a quick stir.
-Quickly pour the batter into the plate or thali.
-Sprinkle some ground black pepper and cover it.
-Let it steam for 10-15 mins on a full flame.
-After 15 mins check on the dhokla. once they are ready apply a little bit of ghee on the top. 
-Remove from flame and let it cool.
-Cut the dhokla into small squares, separate them.
-Serve them hot and fresh with your favorite chutney


Gujarati Halardu - Dikro Maro Ladakvayo By Manhar Udas with Lyrics


One of Famous Gujarati Halardu Dikro Maro Ladakvayo By Manhar Udas with  Lyrics

Dikro maro Ladakvayo, Dev no Didhel Chheeeeeeeehooooooooooo

Dikro maro Ladakvayo, Dev no Didhel Chhe
Vayra jara dhira vajo e ninda ma Podhel Chheeeeee
Dikro maro Ladakvayo, hmmmmmmmmmmm

Ramsu Tane Kal savare, jai nadine pir
Kalvi gayana dudhani pachhi, randhsu mithi khir

Ramsu Tane Kal savare, jai nadine pir
Kalvi gayana dudhani pachhi, randhsu mithi khir
Apva tane mithi mithi, ambli rakhel chheeeeeee
Dikro maro Ladakvayo, hmmmmmmmmmmm

Kerio kachi todshu ane, chakhasu mitha bor
chhayda odhi julsu ghadi hase jyan bappor

Kerio kachi todshu ane, chakhasu mitha bor
chhayda odhi julsu ghadi hase jyan bappor
sim vachale vadhala dale, hinchako bandhel cheeeeeee
Dikro maro Ladakvayo, hmmmmmmmmmmm

phool ni sugandh, phool no pavan, phool na jevu smiiiitt
lagni tari lagti jane, gay chhe phoolo geeeet

phool ni sugandh, phool no pavan, phool na jevu smiiiitt
lagni tari lagti jane, gay chhe phoolo geeeet
Amto tari aju baju, kanta ugel chheeeeeeeee
Dikro maro Ladakvayo, hmmmmmmmmmmm

halak dolak thay chhe papan, markya kare hoooooooth
shyamle avi vaat kare chhe, rajkumari kooooook

halak dolak thay chhe papan, markya kare hoooooooth
shyamle avi vaat kare chhe, rajkumari kooooook
ramta ramta hamna ene, ankhdi michel chheeeeeeeeee
Dikro maro Ladakvayo, Dev no Didhel Chhe
Vayra jara dhira vajo e ninda ma Podhel Chheeeeee
Dikro maro Ladakvayo, hmmmmmmmmmmm

Khandvi - Gujarati Snack Recipe From

Khandvi - Gujarati Snack Recipe

Find more recipee on

Aav Maari Jindagi Chaahu Tane Song From Love you Jindagi - Gujarati Natak

A song from LOVE YOU JINDAGI _ latest gujarati drama _ winner of 8 awards at prestigious Chitralekha Bhavans Mahotsav Mumbai 2011.

Writer : Dr. Raeesh Maniar 
Director : Viral Rachh 
Production of Theatre People Jamnagar
Music :Shaunak Pandya, Singers : Shaunak Pandya - Nutan Surati
Actors : Jay Vithlani, Dr. Pashmina,Aarti Malkan,Deven Rathod, Bonisa, & Viral Rachh
Music Operated By Piyush Khakhkhar, Lights : Rohit Hariyani, Tushar Rathod

Rasik Ni Ramuj - Superhit Kutchi Jokes. by Laughter king Rasik Maharaj

Watch Rasik Ni Ramuj - Superhit Kutchi Jokes. 
Artist : Rasik Maharaj. 
Editing : Manoj Parekh. 
Produecr : Asha Parekh. 

Laughter king Rasik Maharaj is back with his new kutchi jokes from the album 'Rasik Ni Ramuj'.

Best Gujarati Ghazal-Adil Mansuri, Amdavad

Ghazal from Adil Mansuri, in his own voice. Ahmedabad (Gujarati: અમદાવાદ Amdāvād, Hindi: अहमदाबाद Ahmadābād) is a city in India; it is the largest city in the state of Gujarat, with a population of approximately 52 lakhs (5.2 million).Located on the banks of the River Sabarmati, the city is the administrative centre of Ahmedabad district and was the capital of Gujarat from 1960 to 1970; the capital was shifted to Gandhinagar thenafter. In colloquial Gujarati, it is commonly called Amdavad. Ahmedabad was founded in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah to serve as the capital of the Gujarat Sultanate. The city is named after its founder. Under British rule, a military cantonment was established and the city infrastructure was modernised and expanded. Although incorporated into the Bombay Presidency during the British rule in India, Ahmedabad remained the most important city in the Gujarat region. The city established itself as the home of a booming textile industry, which earned it the nickname "the Manchester of the East."The city was at the forefront of the Indian independence movement in the first half of the 20th century.

Kahu Chhu Sambhlo Cho - Gujarati Natak


Kahu Chhu Sambhalo Chho is a story of a family where each and every member behaves oddly and differently. So enjoy this comedy drama with Sanjay Goradia and Arvind Vekaria.

Falguni Dave
Deepali Bhutas
Rinku Patel
Arvind Vekariya
Jagesh Mukati
Sanjay Goradia

Arvind Vekariya

Kaushal Shah

Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya - Full Gujarati Movie

Super Hit Gujarati movie Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya Synopsis: What would happen when a simple village girl from interior of Gujrat is whisked away from her homely atmosphere and imprisoned in a golden cage in a distant land like America? What would happen when all the ethnic values that she had been brought up with are blow apart before her eyes as she stands a helpless witness to this destruction? It is this kind of cultural shock that our heroine Radha faces after she unwillingly falls prey to the schemes of treacherous family members 'Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya' tells the story of Radha, the apple of the of the family and 'Dadaji's' pet. Radha is engaged to be married to Ram her childhood sweetheart who also belongs to the same village. However on the day of the mirage things go wrong and the marriage is stopped, thanks to certain jealous family members. Radha instead is married off to a non-resident Indian Deepak who flies her off to America with him. But being brought up in a virtuous household with family values being adored next to god, Radha faces a heavy cultural shock. Even over a period of time, Radha is unable to mould herself to the new environment and with each day her emotional suffering keeps rising. Tormented emotionally Radha breaks down with home-sickness. Will Radha be able to find for herself a peaceful dwelling in America or will she return back to India? Will dada be able to forgive himself for his mistake of wedding her off to America? Will Radha be able to seek the lap of her 'dada' and openly cry? What will happen to Ram her childhood sweetheart? Will Radha go back to Ram? To find answers to all these questions, watch 'Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya'. A unique story, that will stir the emotional strings of your heart. A must for every daughter, father and grandfather. A must, for every family.


Roma Manek
Hiten Kumar
Arvind Trivedi

Govindbhai Patel
Govindbhai Patel

Tame Aavya Ne Ame Favya - Gujarati Natak


Dhairya Kumar (Mehul Buch) is a successful Gazal singer. He has a lovely girlfriend Ritu (Manisha Vora). Ritu is a very ambitious girl who is preparing for a Beauty Pageant. Sharmila (Rupa Divetiya) the mother of Dhairya Kumar is very keen that her son gets married. Dhairya Kumar tries to convince Ritu for marriage but she refuses due to her career ambition. Sharmila is adamant about her son's marriage and therefore goes on a hunger strike. Helpless Dhairya Kumar agrees to get into a contract marriage with Mausami (Sneha Desai) a close friend of Ritu. But destiny plays its own role and in a few days Sharmila dies. After her death numerous twists and turns begin in this play. Tame Aavya Ne Ame Favya has all the elements that makes it a wonderful family entertainer

Chahera Par Moharu - Gujarati Natak - Anand Goradia,Mehul Buch,Neha Mehta,Niyati Joshi,Pallavi Pathak

Chahera Par Moharu - Gujarati Natak - Anand Goradia,Mehul Buch,Neha Mehta,Niyati Joshi,Pallavi Pathak

Neeraj the son of famous director Amar Shandilya wants to move away from his shadow. Suddenly Mallika a famous model and Amars fan is found murdered. All fingers point towards Neeraj. Is he the Killer?

Cast & Crew

Anand Goradia
Mehul Buch
Neha Mehta
Niyati Joshi
Pallavi Pathak

Rasik Dave

Dilip Somaiya

Baazigar - Gujarati Natak - Hemant Jha,Mehul Buch,Sachi Joshi,Bijal Mehta

Baazigar - Gujarati Natak - Hemant Jha,Mehul Buch,Sachi Joshi,Bijal Mehta

Niraj Jhaveri wants to acquire a huge fortune.he has a dangerous Plan in his mind. His wife Roma his lover Paolomi and even his physician Dr. Kaji and Niraj himself get trapped in the web of his conspiracy.

Cast & Crew

Hemant Jha
Mehul Buch
Bharat Thakkar
Sachi Joshi
Bijal Mehta

Himanshu Sanghvi

Avinash Kharshikar


Pappa Padharavo Savdhan - Gujarati Natak - Rajiv Mehta,Devyani Thakar

Pappa Padharavo Savdhan - Gujarati Natak - Rajiv Mehta,Devyani Thakar

People say if you do hard work to achieve something you can get it easily. This story is about two people who are very close to each other but still can not accept one fact easily. There is a very good relationship between father and daughter. Father wishes that his daughter gets happily married and even the daughter also has same felling for her Father but is this ever possible.

Rajiv Mehta
Devyani Thakar
Charul Bhavsar
Nilesh Joshi
Leena Shah

Raju Joshi

Bhavin Bhalchandra Thakar

Gulab Gadbad Na Karto - Gujarati Natak - Rajiv Mehta,Abhay Harpale

Gulab Gadbad Na Karto - Gujarati Natak - Rajiv Mehta,Abhay Harpale

Gulab Gadbad Na Karto is the story of two henpecked husbands who hatch a plan to kill each others wives. See how the comedy unfolds when both fail miserably in their plans

Rajiv Mehta
Abhay Harpale
Sanjay Hiralehar
Jigesh Vyas
Manisha Vora
Dimple Shah

Umesh Shukla

Hanif Mohammad
Nachiketa Brahmabhatt