Man Gamtu Model - Full Gujarati Natak

  Raj is a very talented painter. He is about to marry a beautiful woman called Swati. At the same time his close friend Mehul is trying to impress a woman named Rosie. Mehul impersonates Raj to impress her. He calls himsel the great painter Raj. This impersonation leads to many humorous twists and turns in the lives of Raj, Swati, Mehul and Rosie. This comedy of errors will surely tickle your funny bone. The play stars reknowned actors from the Gujarati theatre circuit like Manish Mehta, Santu Rajda, Krima Shah and Hitesh Sampat. Cast & Crew Cast JAYSHREE MEHTA KOSHA MUNSHI MANISHA MEHTA SANTU RAJDA KRIME SHAH ARVIND VEKARIA Directors ARVIND VAKERIA Producers DHARMESH MEHTA & JITENDRA JOSHI Writers PRAGJI DOSSA

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