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Prof. Parimal Pujaras dead father in law comes to him in a dream and tells him fo the huge fortune he has buried in the wilds of Khandala. Prof. Pujara is at Kandala with his newly married second wife on a honeymoon. After searching for high and low and not finding andy treasureProf. Pujara asks the tantrik Satellite Shivmani to call up his dead father in laws soul. The trick misfires. For it is Bakula, the professors first wife (now dead) who lands up to help find the treasure. What follows is a laugh a minute riot of entertainment.

Cast & Crew

Siddharth Randheria
Raj Kamal Deshpande
Sameer Gurav
Rajul Diwan
Suraj Vyas
Swati Shah

Sidharth Randeria

Kiran Sampat

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