Tame Aavya Ne Ame Favya - Gujarati Natak


Dhairya Kumar (Mehul Buch) is a successful Gazal singer. He has a lovely girlfriend Ritu (Manisha Vora). Ritu is a very ambitious girl who is preparing for a Beauty Pageant. Sharmila (Rupa Divetiya) the mother of Dhairya Kumar is very keen that her son gets married. Dhairya Kumar tries to convince Ritu for marriage but she refuses due to her career ambition. Sharmila is adamant about her son's marriage and therefore goes on a hunger strike. Helpless Dhairya Kumar agrees to get into a contract marriage with Mausami (Sneha Desai) a close friend of Ritu. But destiny plays its own role and in a few days Sharmila dies. After her death numerous twists and turns begin in this play. Tame Aavya Ne Ame Favya has all the elements that makes it a wonderful family entertainer

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