Gujarati Natak - Mast Majja Ni Life

Naramdass control of his business empire, ended the day he married Rajeshwari, on his first wifes death at childbirth. All that Naramdas wanted was that Rajeshwari be the mother to his newborn son. All that Rajeshwari wanted was Naramdas immense wealth and his business empire. The only hitch was Vijay, Naramdass son was the sole heir to the fortune. Rajeshwari manipulates Vijay to such an extent, that her word is his command. And Vijay does her bidding without hesitation. Fine. But when Vijay marries Radhika, a simple, but educated village girl, thing start to heat up. Radhika realizes that Rajeshwari true objective is Naramdas wealth. But can she change her husband Vijays mind about the danger he is facing? 

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