TAMARA SAM by Mehul Surti

Very Nice Gujarati Song - TAMARA SAM by Mehul Surti.

Funny Song - Tari Maa Ne Bajar nu Bandhaan By Ramesh Mehta

Funny Song - Tari Maa Ne Bajar nu Bandhaan By Ramesh Mehta Movie: Hothal Padamni Lyrics & Music: Avinash Vyas Story, Screen-play & Dialouges: Ramesh Mehta

Mannubhai Matric Fail - Gujarati Natak

Mannubhai may be a matric (high school) failure. But that doesnt stop him from dreaming to make it big. Lack of education has not stopped any one from making money and Mannubhai, takes advantage of his brother in laws position as the manager of an hotel to make money any which way he can. Even if he has to play the role of a graduate to succeed. A laugh a minute comedy about Money Mad Mannubhai.

Aav Taru Kari Nakhu - Gujarati Natak

Amar and Avni are a happily married couple. Avni is expecting her first child but Amar does not want the child and tells Avni to abort citing financial reason. Avni agrees with Amar and aborts the child she has already informed Amars parents about it. Now they want to visit Amar and Avni. How will Aamr and Avni hide the truth from them. What will be their reaction on hearing the news of the abortion. Watch this entertaining comedy. Category Indian Cinema Starring: Ashish Bhatt Surbhi Vyas Bimal Mangliya Jitu Kotak Pratima T Directed by: Bimal Mangliya Produced by: Dilip Somaiya

Bapa Tame Jalsa Karo - Gujarati Natak

A Story of how a Grandfather teacher his Modern Grandson the true meaning of love and relationships.

Ek Bhool Wonderful - Gujarati Natak

Aliraza plays the role of a male chauvinist who thinks that womanhood is a wonderful mistake. He keeps on nagging his wife sister and mother on this point. God decides to teach him a lesson and makes Aliraza experience all the problems and difficulties that women go through.