KAJAL OZA VAIDYA in Prerna Parv - savar kundla

વિદ્યાગુરૂ રતિલાલ બોરિસાગર સાંસ્કૃતિક પ્રતિષ્ઠાન આયોજિત પ્રેરણા પર્વ તળેટીથી શિખર સુધી 

Small Liberties of Life - Kajal Oza Vaidya

Small Liberties of Life....  જીવનમાં નાની નાની સ્વતંત્રતાઓનું મહત્ત્વ

Gujarati poem-Ekbiladi jadi - Gujarati Balgeet

Ek Biladi Jadi - childhood time most popular poem and still good to listen and memorize those innocent days..

chakiben chakiben....ચકીબેન...ચકીબેન. - Gujarati Balgeet

 chakiben chakiben....ચકીબેન...ચકીબેન. - Gujarati Balgeet

Locho Maryo Shethiya - Gujarati Natak

Raja was always on the lookout for different ways to make a fast buck. He comes across a millionaire from London who looking for a lady tutor for his daughter. Raja sees this as a golden opportunity to earn some quick cash and enters the millionaire household as Leelaben Lapsiwala. The lady tutor hilarious incidents pileup giving you a rousing comedy Locho Maryo Shethiya. Locho Maryo Shethiya

Gujarati Balgeet - Pata upar gadi dode shook shook adi ubhi vanki chu

Gujarati Balgeet Gujarati Balgeet Pata upar gadi dode shook shook adi ubhi vanki chu

Zaverchand Meghani - Ho Raj Mane Lagyo Kasumbi no Rang with Lyrics

Zaverchand Meghani - Ho Raj Mane Lagyo Kasumbi no Rang with Lyrics

Are Vahu Have Thayu Bahu - Gujarati Natak

Shraddha, the daughter of Dhirendra Mehta weds Aalok, the son of Jeetendra Jani who lives in the USA. Though Shraddha and Aalok have an arranged marriage, the couple soon fall in love with each other. Due to some important work Aalok leaves for USA immediately after his marriage reception. As Aalok flies back to the US, the couple become more eager to be re united in the US. However, things take the most unexpected turn in Aalok's house. The young Shraddha faces something she never imagined. She becomes victim of domestic violence by her in laws. Find out what happens to Shraddha in this play that brings up an important social issue.

Sarhad Ni Paar Mari Radha - Full Gujarati Film

Sarhad Ni Paar Maari Radha This is the most interesting love story of Govind and Radha. Govind is living in the small village situated near the border of India- Pakistan. Govind fall in love with Radha, who was the daughter of rich Dhanraj Solanki. When Dhanraj comes to know about this love story, he swiftly arrange marriage of her daughter with the son of his close friend. Dhanaraj plays dirty tricks to deter Govind from the marriage of Radha. At the last moment Govind rushes to the marriage place and he runs away with Radha. Goons follow both and fire bullets on Govind. Govind gets injured badly and by mistake Radha gets entered in to the border of Pakistan and she was caught by the army of Pakistan. Now what will happen next? Will both lovers be able to unite? Watch this entertaining movie. Category Classics Family Indian Cinema Starring: Hitu Kanodia Rakesh Pandey Meghal Maniraj Barot Ratansinh Vaghela Kamlesh Barot Jogaji Thakor Dilip Devda Firoz Irani Ali Khan Jayandra Mehta Jemini Trivedi Mitresh Varma Directed by: Hitu Patel Produced by: Om Motion Picture Ltd. Written by: Dashrath Mevad License Standard YouTube License [endtext]

Gujarati Balgeet - Ekbiladi Jadi Ane Pehri Sari

Ekbiladi Jadi Ane Pehri Sari

Rang Chhe Rajja - Gujarati Natak by Siddharth Randeria

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzmgQpbtI8kendofvid [starttext] Amar Desai (Siddharth Randeria) is a simple and timid person. Everybody around him takes advantage of this and the poor Amar ends up being at the end of all jokes and pranks. Everything around Amar's life changes after he goes for a small check up. The docotor informs Amar that he has blood cancer and will not live for more than six months. Now the timid Amar decides to live life fearlessly. He manages many heroic deeds. People nickname him 'Superman'. He is even approached by the Government for an international mission. What will happen next? Watch this wonderful comedy that stars the very talented comedian Siddharth Randeria in an unseen avatar. [endtext]