Pandadu Lilu Ne Rang Rato - Gujarati Full Movie

Pandadu Lilu Ne Rang Rato
This is the love story but with a difference. Puja is the mother of young girl Sejal. Puja is in need of money as Sejal's treatment requires rupees 2lakhs. Hiten is the son of very rich businessman and he encountered with Puja. Hiten comes to know that Puja is in need of money for her daughters medical treatment. On the humanitarian ground Hiten goes to Puja's house with Rs two lakhs. But he was misunderstood by Puja. Hiten's father gets fractured and Puja takes care of him. Hiten slowly gets attracted towards Puja but she refused to accept his love. Now how Hiten will get his love Puja? It will be interesting to see how this couple over comes all the hurdles and in their love?

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