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Ek Murakhne Evi Tev - Gujarati Natak


Jeevan Jeevani is a cynic suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. He is a cleanliness freak who carries his own cutlery and crockery to the restaurants when he eats out. Jeevan's nephew is trying his best to find a cook for the house, but the eccentric uncle has rejected more than 100 candidates! In comes Lajo Ben, a widow and an amazing cook. She has great sense of humour and an ability to laugh at all of life's difficulties. In dire need of money, Lajo signs a deal with Jeevan's nephew and enters their household as a cook. Lajo easily manages to overcome the difficulties created by Jeevan's cynical demands. In the process, Jeevan falls in love with her. But it isn't going to be such a smooth sail for Jeevan; he now needs to clear the ultimate test posed by Lajo. Watch this madcap comedy to find out what becomes of Jeevan in the end. 

Arvind Rathod, 
Pranoti Pradhan, 
Jagesh Mukati, 
Paresh Bhatt, 
Parth Desai, 
Kinjal Bhatt. 

Director : Vipul Mehta. 

Producer : Siddharth Randeria, Sanjay Goradia

Khara Chho Tame - Gujarati Natak

actors - Vipul Vithalani Sanjay Goradia Alpana Buch Nayan Shukla Tejal Vyas Sharad Sharma N N Shah

Laxmikant Vasani, a retired school master stays with his son Vinaykant, Daughter in law Sulochana and grandson Shashikant. Shashikant falls in love with Jalpa the daughter of their society's secretary Manukant. Vinaykant has a personal grudge against Manukant. He rejects his son's decision to marry the daughter with his so called enemy. Manukant comes to know about Vinaykant's opposition and he straightaway approves the marriage. Will Vinaykant ever agree to this marriage?

Mota Ghar Ni Vahu - Gujarati Natak

When a Traditional Indian Joint family faces differences and they separate. Often the newly wed daughter in law is blamed. Especially if she has not been chosen by the seniors in the family. But not all daughters in law are alike. This is the story of one such exception. This daughter in law not not only bridges the differences betweeen the father and the son but also binds the family together.

Ghar ma Sali Roj Diwali - Gujarati Natak

Title : Gharma Sali Roj Diwali Producer : Jaydeep ShahCo-Producer : Kamlesh Bhupatani (Chaku)Director : Kaushal ShahWritter :: Rajendra ShuklaArtist : Kaushal Shah, Kalyani Thakkar, Sujata Purohit, Kausha Munshi, Hitesh Sampat, Hari, Amit Soni, N. N. Shah, Harish Panchal.

Bani Rahiye Ek Mekna - Gujarati Natak

Enjoy Superhit Gujarati Full Natak (Bani Rahiye Ek Mekna)" starring .Ketki Dave, Rasik Dave, Nilesh Bramhabhatt, Sachin Parikh

Bahar Av Tari Bairi Batavu (Gujarati Drama)

Album -- Bahar Av Tari Bairi Batavu
Producer -- Gira Shah
Co -- Producer -- Kamlesh Bhupatani (Chaku)
Director -- Jaydeep Shah
Writter -- Anil Mehta
Music -- Tejash Shah
Artist -- Jaydeep Shah, Meera Acharya, Durva, Aastha, Kosha Munshi, Amit Bhatt, Kaushal Shah, Pravin Nayak, Sameer Rajda, Arsh, Shashi Gaur, Rahul Divan. - Gujarati Natak

he uneducated Maniben lives in the affluent Pali hill area in Mumbai with her Husband Jaman Patel a successful diamond merchant. Jaman taunts her for not being sophisticated and ridicules her for the blunders she makes in front of their neighbours. Fun filled situations follow when Maniben makes multiple attempts to learn English, engages in fashion designing and also participates in the Mrs World competition. What will happen next in the fun filled journey of the humble Maniben.


Are Vahu Have Thayu Bahu - Gujarati Natak

Shraddha, the daughter of Dhirendra Mehta weds Aalok, the son of Jeetendra Jani who lives in the USA. Though Shraddha and Aalok have an arranged marriage, the couple soon fall in love with each other. Due to some important work Aalok leaves for USA immediately after his marriage reception. As Aalok flies back to the US, the couple become more eager to be re united in the US. However, things take the most unexpected turn in Aalok's house. The young Shraddha faces something she never imagined. She becomes victim of domestic violence by her in laws. Find out what happens to Shraddha in this play that brings up an important social issue.

Rang Chhe Rajja - Gujarati Natak by Siddharth Randeria [starttext] Amar Desai (Siddharth Randeria) is a simple and timid person. Everybody around him takes advantage of this and the poor Amar ends up being at the end of all jokes and pranks. Everything around Amar's life changes after he goes for a small check up. The docotor informs Amar that he has blood cancer and will not live for more than six months. Now the timid Amar decides to live life fearlessly. He manages many heroic deeds. People nickname him 'Superman'. He is even approached by the Government for an international mission. What will happen next? Watch this wonderful comedy that stars the very talented comedian Siddharth Randeria in an unseen avatar. [endtext]

Jenu Khisu Garam Eni Same Sau Naram - Gujarati Natak

Shivkumar (Tiku Talsania) lives with his son Chirag, his daughter, his grandson and his wife (Vandana Pathak). Shivkumar Joshi is retired and he is considered good for nothing by his entire family. But one fine day his mutual fund investment matures and Shiv kumar has more than a crore of Rupees. He then makes everybody else in the family dance to his tunes. Many fun filled situations follow.

Sagpan Na Saudagar - Gujarati Drama

Sagpan  na Saudagar - Gujarati Natak

Krishnakant, an excise officer, gives up his share of the family business, because he does not believe in his elder brother's motto of success at any cost. His wife, Manorama shares his views and stands by him. Ironically, his son Apurva, pampered and doted on by his parents, believes he can make money in a jiffy. Apurva, like his uncle believes that success can be bought at the cost of relationships. When he makes a heavy loss in his business, his father imprudently promises to make it up. This act of his creates a whirlwind in the family relationships that shakes the family at its very core.


Aa Family Fantastic Che - Gujarati Natak

Aa Family Fantastic Che - Gujarati Natak,Gujarati Drama

Ne Bachu Bachi Gayo - Gujarati Natak Staring Tiku Talsaniya

Bachu Sampat played by Tiku Talsania is a conman who survives his family ,wife Nandita and daughter Pooja by fooling others. Once on Poojas Birthday as he was not able to make it on time. She Wishes that her father should only Speak Truth. Her wish comes true the same moment and all utterance by Bachu are truthful. Due to this thing around him goes Topsy-turvy. So be ready to watch this Comedy with Bachu.

Kakani Kamani Padosan Ma Samani - Gujarati Natak
Kakani Kamani Padosan Ma Samani is a tale of about the affair that happens between two neighbours. An old man likes his young neighbour and gives her whatever he earns. His wife also gets angry at him because of this. See how the comedy unfolds.

Parnine Pachtaya - Comedy Gujarati Stage Play

An architect and his wife spend their weekdays in their apartment and weekends on their beach house at Madh Island near Mumbai. This arrangement works well for a youngster Avinash who uses the architect's shack during the weekdays and their apartments on the weekends for his personal interests. One weekend Avinash invites his girlfriend to the flat not knowing that the architect's wife, The girl's father and her nosy boss are also on their way there. How will Avinash manage to handle the situation?

Chup Raho Khush Raho - Total Family Drama

Chup Raho Khush Raho - Total Family Drama

Sakhna Rahe to Sasu Nahi - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Sakna Rehto Sasu Naho - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Mannubhai Matric Fail - Gujarati Natak

Mannubhai may be a matric (high school) failure. But that doesnt stop him from dreaming to make it big. Lack of education has not stopped any one from making money and Mannubhai, takes advantage of his brother in laws position as the manager of an hotel to make money any which way he can. Even if he has to play the role of a graduate to succeed. A laugh a minute comedy about Money Mad Mannubhai.

Aav Taru Kari Nakhu - Gujarati Natak

Amar and Avni are a happily married couple. Avni is expecting her first child but Amar does not want the child and tells Avni to abort citing financial reason. Avni agrees with Amar and aborts the child she has already informed Amars parents about it. Now they want to visit Amar and Avni. How will Aamr and Avni hide the truth from them. What will be their reaction on hearing the news of the abortion. Watch this entertaining comedy. Category Indian Cinema Starring: Ashish Bhatt Surbhi Vyas Bimal Mangliya Jitu Kotak Pratima T Directed by: Bimal Mangliya Produced by: Dilip Somaiya

Bapa Tame Jalsa Karo - Gujarati Natak

A Story of how a Grandfather teacher his Modern Grandson the true meaning of love and relationships.