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Khara Chho Tame - Gujarati Natak

actors - Vipul Vithalani Sanjay Goradia Alpana Buch Nayan Shukla Tejal Vyas Sharad Sharma N N Shah

Laxmikant Vasani, a retired school master stays with his son Vinaykant, Daughter in law Sulochana and grandson Shashikant. Shashikant falls in love with Jalpa the daughter of their society's secretary Manukant. Vinaykant has a personal grudge against Manukant. He rejects his son's decision to marry the daughter with his so called enemy. Manukant comes to know about Vinaykant's opposition and he straightaway approves the marriage. Will Vinaykant ever agree to this marriage?

Rang Chhe Rajja - Gujarati Natak by Siddharth Randeria [starttext] Amar Desai (Siddharth Randeria) is a simple and timid person. Everybody around him takes advantage of this and the poor Amar ends up being at the end of all jokes and pranks. Everything around Amar's life changes after he goes for a small check up. The docotor informs Amar that he has blood cancer and will not live for more than six months. Now the timid Amar decides to live life fearlessly. He manages many heroic deeds. People nickname him 'Superman'. He is even approached by the Government for an international mission. What will happen next? Watch this wonderful comedy that stars the very talented comedian Siddharth Randeria in an unseen avatar. [endtext]

Hu Paisa no Parmeshwar - Gujarati Natak

  Hu Paisano Parmeshwar - Gujarati Natak

Watch Gujarati Natak - Hu Paisano Parmeshwar - Hemant Jha & Kukul Tarmaster - Part 2. This play highlights the fact society is driven by money and will go to any extent to acquire it.Starring :Hemant Jha, Jigish Vyas, Kosha Munshi, Kukul Tarmaster, Naimish Shah, Prashant Barot, Devyani, Swati Kotak.

Synopsis: Fakir is shocked when he gets to know that his daughter Madhavi is in love with Kumar, son of his boss Dhanikrai. Dhanikrai angrily rejects the match, citing Fakir's inferior status. As Kumar insists on marrying Madhavi, Dhanikrai threatens to disown him. Karodia hatches a plan with Dhanikrai, which will force Fakir to refuse for Madhavi's marriage with Kumar. Will Madhavi and Kumar get married?