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Locho Maryo Shethiya - Gujarati Natak

Raja was always on the lookout for different ways to make a fast buck. He comes across a millionaire from London who looking for a lady tutor for his daughter. Raja sees this as a golden opportunity to earn some quick cash and enters the millionaire household as Leelaben Lapsiwala. The lady tutor hilarious incidents pileup giving you a rousing comedy Locho Maryo Shethiya. Locho Maryo Shethiya

Rang Chhe Rajja - Gujarati Natak by Siddharth Randeria [starttext] Amar Desai (Siddharth Randeria) is a simple and timid person. Everybody around him takes advantage of this and the poor Amar ends up being at the end of all jokes and pranks. Everything around Amar's life changes after he goes for a small check up. The docotor informs Amar that he has blood cancer and will not live for more than six months. Now the timid Amar decides to live life fearlessly. He manages many heroic deeds. People nickname him 'Superman'. He is even approached by the Government for an international mission. What will happen next? Watch this wonderful comedy that stars the very talented comedian Siddharth Randeria in an unseen avatar. [endtext]

Ek vaar mara malak ma aavjo - Gujarati Full Movie HD

Ek vaar maara malak ma aavjo

This is the entertaining movie based on reincarnation. The backdrop of the movie is in the backdrop of beautiful village of Gujarat. In the village farmer Shankar leaves with his wife Ganga and two sons Ram and Shayam. Pralaysinh is jealorous of Shankar and his family. One day Pralaysinh with the help of his two brothers Vajesinh and Abhaysinh kills Ram and Shyam.
Ganga begs to Mataji and pleads the deity to return her two sons back on this earth, so that they can take revenge on Pralaysinh and his cruel brothers.
  • Will Ram and Shayam will take the rebirth?
  • What will happen to Ganga? Will she get her sons back?
  • And does Pralaysinh and his brothers' pay for their misdeeds and sins?
Watch this interesting and entertaining movie ... Ek vaar maara malak ma aavjo.

Aav Taru Kari Nakhu - Gujarati Natak

Amar and Avni are a happily married couple. Avni is expecting her first child but Amar does not want the child and tells Avni to abort citing financial reason. Avni agrees with Amar and aborts the child she has already informed Amars parents about it. Now they want to visit Amar and Avni. How will Aamr and Avni hide the truth from them. What will be their reaction on hearing the news of the abortion. Watch this entertaining comedy. Category Indian Cinema Starring: Ashish Bhatt Surbhi Vyas Bimal Mangliya Jitu Kotak Pratima T Directed by: Bimal Mangliya Produced by: Dilip Somaiya

Gujarati Natak - Aadhi Akshar Prem Na

Abhijit, the industrialist and Janak were friends. Abhijit who is a widower is childless. Janak gives his daughter in adoption to Abhijit. When Janaks wife and son are killed in a car crash, Abhijit tries to persuade Janak to take his daughter back. But Janak refuses and leaves the city. Twenty years have passed. Abhijits daughter, now a beautiful young woman, has fallen in love with Raju and wants to marry him. Abjhijit learns that Raju is none other than Janaks son. How can he allow his daughter to marry her?