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Are Vahu Have Thayu Bahu - Gujarati Natak

Shraddha, the daughter of Dhirendra Mehta weds Aalok, the son of Jeetendra Jani who lives in the USA. Though Shraddha and Aalok have an arranged marriage, the couple soon fall in love with each other. Due to some important work Aalok leaves for USA immediately after his marriage reception. As Aalok flies back to the US, the couple become more eager to be re united in the US. However, things take the most unexpected turn in Aalok's house. The young Shraddha faces something she never imagined. She becomes victim of domestic violence by her in laws. Find out what happens to Shraddha in this play that brings up an important social issue.

Sakhna Rahe to Sasu Nahi - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Sakna Rehto Sasu Naho - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Gujarati Natak - Tarkat

Tarkat is a play that reveals the secrets and mysteries hidden in a writers story. Every mystery unfolds with it a solution to many unanswered questions, some weird facts and their solutions