Rasik Ni Ramuj - Superhit Kutchi Jokes. by Laughter king Rasik Maharaj

Watch Rasik Ni Ramuj - Superhit Kutchi Jokes. 
Artist : Rasik Maharaj. 
Editing : Manoj Parekh. 
Produecr : Asha Parekh. 

Laughter king Rasik Maharaj is back with his new kutchi jokes from the album 'Rasik Ni Ramuj'.

Best Gujarati Ghazal-Adil Mansuri, Amdavad

Ghazal from Adil Mansuri, in his own voice. Ahmedabad (Gujarati: અમદાવાદ Amdāvād, Hindi: अहमदाबाद Ahmadābād) is a city in India; it is the largest city in the state of Gujarat, with a population of approximately 52 lakhs (5.2 million).Located on the banks of the River Sabarmati, the city is the administrative centre of Ahmedabad district and was the capital of Gujarat from 1960 to 1970; the capital was shifted to Gandhinagar thenafter. In colloquial Gujarati, it is commonly called Amdavad. Ahmedabad was founded in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah to serve as the capital of the Gujarat Sultanate. The city is named after its founder. Under British rule, a military cantonment was established and the city infrastructure was modernised and expanded. Although incorporated into the Bombay Presidency during the British rule in India, Ahmedabad remained the most important city in the Gujarat region. The city established itself as the home of a booming textile industry, which earned it the nickname "the Manchester of the East."The city was at the forefront of the Indian independence movement in the first half of the 20th century.

Kahu Chhu Sambhlo Cho - Gujarati Natak


Kahu Chhu Sambhalo Chho is a story of a family where each and every member behaves oddly and differently. So enjoy this comedy drama with Sanjay Goradia and Arvind Vekaria.

Falguni Dave
Deepali Bhutas
Rinku Patel
Arvind Vekariya
Jagesh Mukati
Sanjay Goradia

Arvind Vekariya

Kaushal Shah