Khadkhadat - Mahesh Vaidya - Part - 1 Gujarati Comedy Jokes

watch hilarious Gujarati Comedy Jokes of Mahesh Vaidya and enjoy.

Title : Khadkhadat
Banner : Om Series
Producer : Suresh Thakker
Ex -- Producer : K.D.Thakker
Salim Dosani
Director : Abhilash Ghoda
Artist : Mahesh Vaid, Bholaram, Vasant Paresh, Bharat Upadyay

Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd - Gujarati Movie - OFFICIAL THEATRICAL TRAILER

What happens when a rich, dysfunctional family, that is very much caught up in their Mumbai lifestyle, is forced to go live the village-life?

That's exactly what happens when Uttam Mehta is almost shot at gunpoint. Fearing that their lives are in danger, the Mehta family is off to hide out at in a location that can't even be located on Google Maps - called Antillapur.

Just then, things get even weirder. Little does Uttam and the family know, that this village is unlike any other functions off a Barter System!

The Mehtas are in for a ride when they seem to be a stuck in a place where their money now literally means nothing! From being on a hit list to battling the eccentric village villain - Pinky bhai - the Mehta's are on an adventure of a lifetime!

Bhatigal Dayro Part 2 - Bhikhudan Gadhavi

Watch Gujarati - Dayro - Jeevan Na Rang - Part 2 - Bhikhudan Gadhavi - Humor Show - Part 2. Bhikhudan Gadhavi revives the traditional practice of 'Dayro' in which folk artists and story-tellers enthrall their audience whole night with their songs and